SSTV Ham Radio Project cont. from Acra, New York, USA


Image 1: 1963 - Isabelle Glacier, Boulder county, Colorado, United States. Photo by R. MacPhail

Between September 13th - 17th 2019, I’m artist-in-residence at Wave Farm in Acra, New York, to transmit images via SSTV. The images, appropriated from the National Ice and Snow Date Center ‘s photographic collection, are of North American glaciers photographed in a time before we were aware of the climate crisis. I’m asking HAM radio operators who receive my long-range image transmissions, to print out the images received and mail them back to me, using the instructions and address below.

In exchange, when I have assembled the printed pieces to reconstruct the whole image transmitted, I will make QSL postcards of the completed images and mail them back to the participating HAMs. The resulting artwork will be a collaborative fine art example of long-range communications between humans, concerning accelerated environmental change.

Each single transmission consists of 20 x SSTV images. I will be transmitting 5 different glacier images over 5 days.

Dates are: Image 1 Sept 13th / Image 2 Sept 14th / Image 3 Sept 15th / Image 4 Sept 16th / Image 5 Sept 17th

Transmissions (to arrange an exact time or / and other frequency on the 20 Meter Band, please email:

SSTV calling frequency and daily transmission times are (frequency will be + / - 5kHz):

80 meters: (USB) 3.857.00 MHz @ 6am / 12pm / 6pm EST

Mailing Address:

Lucy Helton c/o MJ Webber, 8706 Mosquero Circle, Austin, TX, 78784. USA.